Outpatient Services

Part of our continuum of care, Outpatient Services further our ability to help you experience a full and lasting recovery.

Our Outpatient Services are ideal for someone with substance-use disorder who can be successful in a non-restrictive setting or someone moving from a more intensive program to continue their recovery process. Whatever your starting point, through outpatient treatment, you’ll receive continual assessment, treatment planning, and individualized therapies to achieve the goals we set collaboratively.

We’re committed to your ongoing recovery, and after your initial treatment with us, Continuing Care is the next step toward long-term stability in your recovery from addiction. We believe this part of the process is extremely important as it helps us stay connected with accountability and support throughout your complete treatment.

Benefits of Continuing Care:

  • Every week you get to connect with your support group led by a Bradford facilitator
  • You and your family get full access to these services for up to two years
  • We put you in touch with Bradford’s strong alumni network as well as helpful resources for maintaining sobriety and a healthy lifestyle

The most hands-on of our Outpatient Services, the Intensive Program offers effective treatment while you stay at home. You attend daytime or evening sessions where we work together to reduce your risk of relapse, address environmental issues, and navigate emotional stressors and triggers.

This program is available for patients who are considered clinically-appropriate to find success with this approach. At times, some patients enter treatment through the Intensive Outpatient Program, as it can be highly effective in the early stages of chemical dependency.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment:

  • You attend sessions several times a week for the treatment of risk of relapse and emotional and environmental triggers.
  • You can remain at home and receive quality care locally
  • In some cases, you may be able to stay engaged at work or school while receiving treatment
  • By staying at home, you get the encouragement of your family and support system

Addiction can affect an entire family often causing anxiety, fear, alienation, depression, financial problems, and more. As part of our approach to a full and lasting recovery, we offer care for the entire family, not just the one suffering from addiction or substance abuse.

Family Support services are designed to bring families healing individually and collectively. We welcome family members and others in close relationships with our patients to be part of these programs.

If you are a family member or close friend of someone suffering from addiction or substance abuse, we want you to know that you play an important part in the healing process, and we invite you to fully invest in the treatment of your loved one.

Features and benefits:

  • We help educate families so they can understand the causes and dangers of addiction as well as the benefits of treatment
  • Family members receive counseling to develop personal coping skills and to learn how to best support a loved one recovering from addiction
  • Families and patients get access to ongoing support through our Continuing Care Program for up to two years

We believe education plays a valuable role in treating and preventing addiction and substance abuse. Our Education Services address a variety of topics including problems and risk factors related to substance use and addiction warning signs. We also offer confidential consultation for anyone experiencing damaging consequences from using alcohol and/or drugs.

Features and benefits:

  • Receive treatment and care from Bradford’s team of licensed experts
  • Get informed on how to identify and address a dependency on alcohol and drugs
  • Have access to a range of resources on addiction prevention and treatment
  • Find security in having a confidential way to get help

We’re here for you around the clock. Call us 24/7 at 1-866-379-1864 for more information or to receive immediate, confidential help.

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